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The BEST WireLess Alarm System Including Wireless Emergency Medical System.

For Less Than Those Other Companies Charge For A Standard Medical Alert, We Will Include A Complete Security System
To ALL Seniors And Special Needs Customers.

Model UD-2

The LYNX Security System installs in minutes with out the need for an expensive and time consuming installation because you don't have to run any wires.

This is a fully supervised security system which provides the most advanced technology at a price every one can afford.

It protects your home with door/window sensors and motion detectors. It can be armed and disarmed from the Master Control Pad or the Portable Key Chain Remote Control with EMERGENCY MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEM BUILT-IN.

When tripped, it sounds a loud alarm, then dials our UL Central Station who inturn immediately contact the Police, Fire, Medical Services, Friends, Family, Cell or work phone.

You can even have your system call yourself on when your wife or children arrive home.

This full featured security system includes:

  • 1(one) multi-zone master control panel with built-in siren

  • 2(two) Door/Window Sensors

  • 1(one) Motion Detector (allows up to a 40 lb animal)

  • 2(two) Wireless On/Off Remote With Emergency Medical Alart Button.

  • 1(ONE) Built in programmable
    communicator which automatically dials to our 24 hour Monitoring Station with immediate response to Police Dept.
    Fire Dept.
    or Medical Services

    How It Works:

    The UD-2 master control panel with it's built-in LOUD(95dB) siren activates when it receives a wireless signal from a door, window or motion detector, then immediately dials, over your existing phone lines, to our Central Station Monitoring Service to report the activation. The system plugs into any convenient phone jack in your home and immediately begins calling for help.

    The system is easily Armed and disarmed with the portable remote or at the master control pad and can be armed in the "HOME MODE" (system is armed with out the motion detector to allow free movement with in your home) or "AWAY MODE" (all sensors are active) making our system the most simple, convenient, and user friendly security system available.

    The most advanced home security system, easly installed and backed up by our technicial support team makes this security system:



    Lynx - Quick Install Security System

    Height: 7-1/8"
    Width: 10-3/8"
    Depth: 1-13/16"

     The all-in-one, integrated design of the LYNX gives you outstanding value, flexibility, and the reliability of ADEMCO?s powerful technology.

     The system is designed to be installed quickly, giving you a system you can start using the same day.

     LYNX is a control panel, keypad, siren and central station communicator in one sleek unit that supports all 5800 wireless devices and sensors.

     The LYNX does more than traditional security, it gives you the features you want - everyday convenience and remote control.

    Powerful features to satisfy your demands 
    24 wireless zones of protection and one hardwired zone
    Four wireless keys that don?t require zones
    Real time clock
    Full 16-button keypad with easy to read LCD display and status LEDs
    Wall or optional desk-top mounting
    85db internal siren built-in
    Internal speaker and microphone
    Supports up to eight X10 devices
    Eight user codes
    84 event log
    Fully downloadable

    You will appreciate the easy to use convenience and control features of the Lynx:
    Full voice response
    Family message center that records and plays back voice messages
    Bi-directional remote provides system status feedback
    Wireless, programmable remotes offer single-button system control
    Home owner convenience features to activate lights, appliances, garage doors, and numerous other applications
    Quick exit that enables users to leave the house for a brief time without disarming the system
    Chime by zone, sounds chime and speaks actual location of opened entrance and exit point
    Paging capability for openings, closings, alarm and trouble messages to be sent directly to a pager, con-firming system status; parents can use this feature to verify that their children have arrived home
    Single button operation, including paging

    General Specifications:
    Full function keypad with LCD display
    Built-in X-10 capability
    Family message center with voice recording and playback
    Single button operation
    Multiple default settings for easy programming
    Full voice response
    Remote downloading
    Eight user codes
    84 event log
    Chime by zone
    Quick exit
    Real-time clock

    Optional Expansion
    Support for additional siren and piezo sounder
    X-10 interface

    Integrated Wireless Receiver
    LYNX receiver supports
      ? 24 zones and four wireless keys
      ? Two-way wireless devices with status feedback: 5804BD and 5827BD
      ? Diversity reception with two antennae
      ? Indications by zone and low battery indicator

    5800 family
       ? Three volt lithium batteries
       ? Near one mile range
       ? Tamper reporting

    Contact Us

    Universal Security Associates.
    sales@The Ultimate Deterrent
    World Wide Tel: 856-665-4443